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Williamston Stings Baseball & Softball

Player Eligibility Policy

Williamston Stings Baseball and Softball Club
Policy on Player Eligibility and Team Formation
Adopted by the Stings Board of Directors on September 21, 2019

The Williamston Stings Baseball and Softball Club is a community-based organization. The Club’s focus is on player development for all youth who seek to learn and excel in baseball and softball.

As such, the following policy is adopted by the Club’s Board of Directors as it pertains to the utilization of team players who reside outside of the Williamston Community School district or do not attend Williamston Community Schools:

  1. Non-Williamston youth may participate in player evaluations (try-outs) for regular season teams, but with the stipulation that team placement will be prioritized for Williamston players (reside in Williamston or attend Williamston schools) and that placement on a team is not guaranteed.

  2. Non-Williamston players can only serve on a Stings Club team for the purpose of fulfilling team roster needs in cases when there is an insufficient number of Williamston players. This applies to all regular season, tournament, and travel games.

  3. In cases when there are enough players to create two or more teams at a given age cohort, the teams will be divided equally based on talent level for ages 8u through 10u. For age cohorts 11u and above, the two teams will be divided into a Club team and a Travel team (higher ability). For all age cohorts, in cases when there are three teams, two teams will serve as Club teams and one will serve as a Travel team. For softball, teams will be divided between Club and Travel based on ability levels starting at 12u. 

  4. In cases when a specific Stings Club age cohort has two or more teams that are divided into Club and Travel teams (lower- and upper-ability), in compiling the Travel team roster, prioritization will be given to Williamston-based players.

Parents and prospective players should be aware that determination of team placement is based on a number of factors including: participation in the player evaluation process (try-outs), seasons or years of playing experience, technical skills, knowledge of the game, attitude, and input from former coaches.

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